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The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region is a French administrative region that brings together public-sector players from the region.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

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The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region supports the "Champions of sustainable food and biodiversity" program. Thanks to this partnership, 15 schools and 350 students, their families and teachers will benefit from learning how to reconnect with healthy, local food.

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The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is part of the EU's economic, social and territorial cohesion policy. Its aim is to strengthen economic and social cohesion in the European Union by correcting imbalances between its regions. In France, the ERDF is mainly involved in the following areas:
- Investing in research, technological development and innovation,
- Improving the competitiveness of SMEs,
- Promoting the development of information and communication technologies,
- Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy.
The ERDF also finances actions supporting adaptation to climate change, risk prevention, transport, training, employment and social inclusion. Finally, in order to address the specific problems of urban areas, part of the ERDF budget is allocated to priority urban districts. In the context of national decentralization, ERDF management is entrusted to regional councils.
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The European Commission

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As part of its Entrepreneurship program, the Landestini Cantal-Auvergne Third-Party Incubator is co-financed by the European Union as part of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): financing of part of the development projects, financing of two permanent jobs within Landestini via the Terriens d'abord association, participation in the construction and enabling costs at the Lycée Agricole d'Aurillac....

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Fondation SNCF is active throughout France, supporting initiatives under the theme of "Helping young people to integrate into society". Its aim is to help them find their way, professionally and socially, and to support them in their local environmental projects. A major player in corporate philanthropy and the general interest in France, Fondation SNCF has been supporting community projects for many vulnerable groups for 25 years.
Fondation SNCF

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Fondation SNCF is one of the major partners of the Coupe de France du potager, 2nd edition. With the support of Fondation SNCF, Landestini is opening up the Coupe de France du potager to university campuses and student sites, helping them to set up and maintain a vegetable garden by providing students with support services (events, educational tools....). SNCF employees will be involved in the upkeep of the vegetable gardens through skills sponsorship. 

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Based in Auvergne, France, Greencell specializes in the research and development of micro-organisms with the aim of improving the health of plants and people. Greencell develops biofertilizers and biocontrol products for sustainable agriculture.
These biotechnologies are based on the use of micro-organisms that improve soil structure, enhance the bioavailability of soil nutrients and protect crops from pathogen attack. In this way, they fertilize the soil and increase plant resistance. These micro-organisms also enable effluent to be treated by lowering the level of pollutants, resulting in odorless "gray water" that can be used to irrigate gardens and green spaces.

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Greencell supports Landestini in its program and actions in favor of youth education and sustainable agriculture and food. Greencell has been a major partner of the Coupe de France du potager Landestini since its 1st edition.
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Cantal department

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As a local player, the Cantal Département is supporting the development of the Landestini Cantal-Auvergne Third-Party Incubator, thanks to the efforts of Bruno Faure and François-Xavier Montil, who are spreading the word about the project, supporting the development of actions, and putting people in touch with local and regional players.

In 2006, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco created his Foundation, working on both a local and global scale to combat the effects of climate change, biodiversity loss and desertification. Over the past 15 years, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has supported nearly 600 projects in its priority areas of action, namely the Mediterranean basin, the polar regions and the least developed countries, which are heavily impacted by environmental degradation. Raising awareness and educating the younger generation about environmental issues is one of the Foundation's key missions.

Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

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The Champions of Sustainable Food and Biodiversity program run by Landestini is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation: Champions of Sustainable Food and Biodiversity is an educational program with in-class sessions and hands-on workshops for schoolchildren to better understand our food system, local agriculture and the importance of preserving biodiversity. Thanks to this partnership, 15 schools and 350 students, their families and teachers benefit from learning to reconnect with healthy, local food.

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Clermont Auvergne Métropole

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Clermont Auvergne makes available to the Landestini Urban Farm Clermont Auvergne land for market gardening and the implementation of its educational program, and subsidizes part of the remuneration of a salaried member working on the urban farm.

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The Auvergne brand is an association supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region. It brings together public and private members from Auvergne, who are committed to developing the image of Auvergne to enhance its attractiveness, in favor of all our regions, including the most rural, and for the direct benefit of our economic players. The aim is to capitalize on the reputation of Auvergne, a destination that has become a brand, to assert its identity and its attachment, to proclaim our pride and defend our assets to continue to exist and perform. Their activities revolve around shared values and a common project based on 3 strategic axes:

- Reinforce pride and a sense of belonging to Auvergne
- Acting with and for Auvergne companies
- Activate networks of Auvergnats from near and far

The Auvergne brand demonstrates that its urban and rural areas are innovative and ambitious project areas, essential to the development of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, a large European area.

The Auvergne brand

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The Auvergne brand has been present alongside Landestini since its creation. Nicolas Nuger and François-Xavier Montil strengthen Landestini's visibility in the region, and support the development of sustainable food and biodiversity champions; their local, territorial knowledge helps Landestini to establish a foothold and reputation in Auvergne, and enables Landestini to meet with various local players motivated to act together on shared values.

High-quality organic manufacturer committed to helping people eat better. Celnat is a food and agriculture company based in Haute-Loire (43). Their Quality policy is based on 2 axes:

- The quality of their raw materials, with direct sourcing from farms, priority given to French and local origins, and systematic control of all batches.
- Cereals and other raw materials are processed in such a way as to preserve as much of their original nutritional value and energy content as possible.

Their business: processing cereals and other grains, working every day to provide customers with a wide range of quality organic products at the best prices. The quest for quality, guided by respect for the consumer and the environment, has been one of Celnat's founding principles since its creation in 1979.


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The Celnat company, led by Yves Belen, its deputy director and his teams, is committed to supporting and accompanying us in our educational, awareness-raising and entrepreneurial initiatives in favor of sustainable food and agriculture, not only in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, but also on a national and international scale.

Celnat also sponsors "Les vraies voix de la campagne", a program produced by Henri Landes, on Sud Radio, every Wednesday between 7:15 and 7:30 pm (except July-August), to talk about sustainable food and farming, biodiversity, climate, the environment, and how to reconnect with nature on a daily basis! Discover the podcasts.

day by day

First network of bulk grocery stores for everyday shopping, in quantities on demand and without superfluous packaging. day by day sells everyday products in bulk, and its mission is to promote responsible consumption for all. The day by day business acts on a number of commitments:

- Participate in the fight against food waste by only offering products in quantities on demand.
- Help reduce waste by offering only products without superfluous packaging.
- Favoring the selection of French products whenever possible.
- Whenever possible, establish long-term partnerships with small-scale producers who use rigorous, rational production methods.
- Encourage suppliers to reduce packaging waste by delivering products in appropriate, recyclable containers.
- Make consumer information a priority by displaying the origin, composition and traceability information for each product available in store.
- Strive to improve every day.

day by day

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day by day has been with Landestini since its creation, Didier Onraita and David Sutrat and their teams supporting us in our education program through our actions on the Champions of sustainable food and biodiversity. Their talents in the field of food lead us to consult them on a regular basis to explore new fields of action to promote sustainable agriculture and healthy eating, and to enhance the value of organic processing stages.

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Le Puy-en-Velay

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The city of Le Puy-en-Velay, a key player in the local economy, supports the development of the Champions program for sustainable food and biodiversity in the city's schools. Landestini is already supporting four of the city's schools in the Champions program: École Saint-Flory, École Arc en Ciel, Collège Lafayette and Lycée Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

Logo signature ville de Clermont Ferrand
Clermont Ferrand

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As a local player, the city of Clermont-Ferrand supports the development of the Champions program for sustainable food and biodiversity in the city's schools. Landestini has been supporting the Champions program at the Lycée Professionnel Marie-Curie for two years now.

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Châtel -Guyon

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As a local player, the town of Chatel-Guyon supports the development of the Champions program for sustainable food and biodiversity in the town's schools. Landestini is already supporting the Saint-Hippolyte school in the Champions program.

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is a public establishment that implements France's development and international solidarity policies. Climate, biodiversity, peace, education, urban planning, health, governance... Their teams are involved in over 4,000 projects with high social and environmental impact in France's overseas territories and 115 countries. They thus contribute to France's and French people's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

French Development Agency

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In partnership with the French Ministry of Education, AFD and OFB, we have co-produced an educational kit for secondary schools. The aim is to roll out simulated negotiations on biodiversity throughout France!

BIOMEDE is a Lyon-based soil bioengineering start-up founded in 2016 by Ludovic Vincent and Patricia Gifu, keen to give everyone access to soil analysis. Their commitment to the democratization of market gardening, cereal growing and thus local food is perfectly in line with Landestini's values and ambitions.


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Biomede is working with us to analyze the soils used by the entire Landestini ecosystem, particularly on the Landestini educational farm, and as part of the Coupe de France du potager launched by Landestini.

Léa nature Foundation
Ekibio Foundation

Léa Nature offers natural products, mainly certified organic, which contribute to preserving human health, using renewable natural resources without damaging biodiversity.
The EKIBIO foundation raises public awareness of the influence of our food on the ecological transition.

Ekibio Foundation

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As part of their joint call for projects, the Léa Nature / Jardin BiO foundation and the Ekibio foundation are supporting our educational innovation center on sustainable food: the Landestini Clermont Auvergne urban farm based in Clermont-Ferrand.

Hortilio is an educational digital application for gardeners that aims to promote biodiversity by spreading good gardening practices to everyone.

Hortilio is also used by local authorities to inform users of good practices in favor of biodiversity (events, fact sheets, etc.). Anonymized statistics on private gardens are transmitted to local authorities, so that they can adapt their "Biodiversity" strategies to the particularities of their territories. These data include: gardening practices, species planted, harvests obtained and answers to biodiversity quizzes.


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During the Coupe de France du potager, our partner Hortilio enabled us to set up an online self-assessment tool.


LA FERME LOU PAGORA is an Angora goat farm located in the heart of Velay, in the Haute-Loire region of France. Didier Marnhier and Sophie Marchiset have been raising a herd of Angora goats here since 2016, renowned not only for the quality of their wool but also for their status as an endangered species. Members of a cooperative of Angora goat breeders throughout France, they send their wool twice a year, which returns to them in processed products (mohair socks, snoods, plaids, scarves, sweaters...) that they market in a short circuit, mainly through direct sales.

Lou Pagora Farm

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Landestini supports and acts alongside Didier Marnhier and Sophie Marchiset as players in the Altiligéri region, eco-responsible breeders and promoters of short distribution channels. By donating part of its sales to us, Ferme Lou Pagora contributes to the development of our youth education, general interest and sustainable economy projects.

The LYCÉE AGRICOLE GEORGES POMPIDOU - ENILV in Aurillac is a public secondary and higher education establishment specializing in the agricultural sector, in particular as the Ecole Nationale des Industries du Lait et des Viandes. It also has a dairy and beef farm, whose products are available for direct sale.

Lycée Georges Pompidou

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The Lycée Georges Pompidou - ENILV in Aurillac actively supports Landestini in several projects and programs. It is home to Landestini's first incubator, "Le Révélateur", and has set up the "Champions of sustainable food and biodiversity" project in several of its second-year classes. 

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VALTOM is the public authority in charge of recovering and treating household waste in the Puy-de-Dôme and northern Haute-Loire regions.

At the service of users, VALTOM implements a responsible, innovative and sustainable waste management policy in line with European, national and regional objectives.


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In progress 

In progress

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Logo mon jardin bio

Mon Jardin bio is an online boutique offering eco-responsible solutions and products made almost exclusively in France. Every week, we bring you 30 to 40 minutes of gardening tips and tricks in our podcast "On sème fort! with a healthy dose of humor and kindness! Podcast available on all listening platforms.

My organic garden

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In progress

MS is a family-owned construction company based in Auvergne, offering innovative solutions and services for water conservation and sand recycling. Because these two materials are essential to us, but becoming increasingly scarce, Cécile and Alexandre Guillaume and their teams work to offer a sustainable, personalized approach to each project.

MS is an impact-driven company that supports Landestini's projects.


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In progress

MUGO is an independent company, leader in all its businesses in France. Mugo provides companies, institutions and private individuals with 360° solutions that reconcile the enhancement of their plant heritage with the reintroduction of nature and biodiversity in the city. Mugo's ambition is to be the most innovative company in its sector, with the highest quality customer service. Mugo provides its customers with a unique, multi-disciplinary offering, supported by its teams of architects, landscapers, agronomists, gardeners, floral designers, engineers and beekeepers.


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As part of the Coupe de France du potager, a national competition organized by Landestini to promote the establishment and upkeep of vegetable gardens in schools and associations in France, Landestini and Mugo have set up a partnership to encourage the general public, economic players and associations to set up vegetable gardens, green the countryside, support healthy eating and teach about nature and biodiversity.


European leader in agricultural, food and energy crowdfunding. Founded in 2015, MiiMOSA is the 1st crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to agriculture and food. After supporting 2,500 projects in 5 years (France, Belgium), based on the matching gift and participatory loan model, MiiMOSA has established itself in the alternative finance landscape as the European leader in participatory financing for the agricultural, food and energy transition.

- 5 years of existence in France and Belgium
- 30 people committed to the transition
- 2,800 projects supported
- 150 projects running simultaneously every month
- 25 mEuros raised from citizens and partners
- 200,000 active members


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In progress

The French Biodiversity Office (OFB) is a public body dedicated to safeguarding biodiversity. One of its priorities is to provide an urgent response to the challenges of preserving living things.

The OFB brings together staff from the Agence française pour la biodiversité (AFB) and the Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage (ONCFS). Uniting these two establishments in the fight to protect nature, enables us to pool our expertise on aquatic, terrestrial and marine environments, and to present a united front against the threats to biodiversity in France. Bringing together these two entities, whose staff are based throughout France and the French overseas territories, also means ensuring a solid foothold in the regions, enabling us to take action at a local level.


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In partnership with the French Ministry of Education, AFD and OFB, we have co-produced an educational kit for secondary schools. The aim is to roll out simulated negotiations on biodiversity throughout France!

Logo paysans de jardin

Enable everyone to reclaim their own food by producing vegetables and eggs, so that they can eat healthy products and become food self-sufficient.
Practical, aesthetic and robust equipment to change the world at home.

Paysans de Jardin offers ready-to-garden chicken coops and vegetable gardens. These vegetable gardens, with integrated irrigation systems, are delivered directly to your home. Purchases can be made over the Internet or through the local plant producer, who displays models, advises and supplies vegetable varieties to suit individual tastes. A turnkey home service is also available.

Garden peasants

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In progress

Smart agri forum

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Founded in 1895, TC Paris is one of the cradles of French tennis. Over one hundred French first-series players and ten French number ones have worn the club's colors.
With its unique facilities, TCP has modernized and evolved with the times, while retaining its historic values. Its primary ambition is to bring the passion for tennis to life by combining history and modernity, competition and leisure. A genuine philosophy underpins the club's identity: the desire to cultivate the spirit of the game, transmission between generations, the vocation to train, support for French tennis, the bridge between professional and leisure tennis, the quality of service to its 2,500 members with a diversified offer and the constant concern for well-being and conviviality for all.

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Tennis Club de Paris launches its eco-responsibility program, in partnership with Landestini. The aim of the program is to reinforce the sustainable management of its site and its social responsibility. The TC Paris transition began in recent years with the launch of an energy renovation project, the installation of LED light bulbs, the creation of a vegetable garden and green spaces on the site, and the reuse and recycling of tennis balls (made available to members by the club, then reused at the Tennis School before being sold to requesting clubs and the Paris Committee. The rubber is recycled to make a surface material for sports fields).

With our association, the club wants to take its committed approach a step further with a series of initiatives to be implemented from summer 2021, with the friendly support of Pauline Parmentier and Nicolas Mahut. Among other actions, the TCP will introduce waste sorting, offer its members a reusable and sustainable water bottle (made in Spain and recyclable - each bottle is planted with a tree), organize an eco-responsible tennis tournament, motivate members to adopt zero waste and sustainable eating habits through awareness-raising events, guide members through an eco-responsibility charter (in preparation) and invite members to get involved as eco-delegates.

Find out more about Tennis Club de Paris
Discover Eco TCP

Terrattitude is an attitude, an awakening of the senses and consciences to respect all living beings: nature, humans, animals, everything that lives on earth.
Our aim is to make consumers understand that there are multiple solutions for eating better, starting with going to the "small producer", close to home with our app which has been free to download since July 2020. We advocate the short circuit to support and recognize the work of these men and women. It's important for us to also explain from childhood the need to adopt healthy, and sustainable, quality consumption for a better future with our collection of "back to basics" books.


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In progress

The Union Nationale du Sport Scolaire is a public body dedicated to making sport more widespread and centralizing its organization. The objectives of the public service mission of school sport are diverse and ambitious:

  • sports: sporting activities within a state-approved institutional framework
  • educational: raising awareness of community life
  • cultural: appropriating sport and bodily practices as a cultural fact

The UNSS focuses in particular on the following areas of development:

  • Sports for girls
  • Sporting activities in priority neighborhoods and rural areas.
  • Sports for students with disabilities
  • Training for members, PE teachers and AS leaders
  • Training young officials
  • Eco-friendly sports
  • Sports to promote health and well-being

Find out more about our partnerships :

Landestini works mainly with the Clermont-Ferrand section of the UNSS to spread the "Sportifs pour la planète" project to as many schools as possible in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

logo 3 Wayste green - leaf on the y

3WAYSTE promotes the circular economy and sustainable food supply through its waste sorting and recycling centers and technologies.
3WAYSTE technology is a complementary tool for selective waste collection in a given area.
It is a patented, innovative process capable of sorting all the waste contained in our household garbage cans and recovering over 90% of it by producing :

  • Compost as a natural fertilizer;
  • A high-calorific fuel to produce energy that can be converted into steam or electricity;
  • Recycled raw materials made available to manufacturers.

Find out more about our partnerships :

Fabien Charreyre, President of 3WAYSTE SAS, is a key player in the Altiligéri region, supporting Landestini in its circular economy initiatives.

fondation Crédit Coopératif 3 personnes qui dansent

The Fondation Crédit Coopératif has been working for almost 35 years, both at the forefront and in the wake of the bank that was created. It is dedicated to serving the men and women who make up theSocial and Solidarity Economy, for a fairer, more humane and more ecological society in a world in transition.

This mission is built on 3 pillars:

  • Exploration: by supporting research and foresight in the SSE, so that everyone knows more about where it comes from and where it's going.
  • Inspiration: by encouraging useful initiatives, anchored by those "who do", the mobilized, stubborn players, here, there and everywhere, in the effervescence of the territories.
  • Transformation: by forging partnerships with different SSE sectors that are experimenting, testing and networking, facilitating their cooperation and supporting best practices open to all.
Logo Overscan

Créée au fond d’un garage en 1992 à Clermont-Ferrand !

Fondée, il y a plus de 30 ans au cœur de Clermont-Ferrand, Overscan a évolué aux côtés de l’ère numérique en constante mutation. Depuis nos modestes débuts, nous avons grandi pour devenir une agence digitale réputée, reconnue pour notre engagement envers l’innovation, la rigueur et l’excellence. Nous écrivons vos histoires et les racontons à travers le graphisme et la technologie pour offrir une expérience unique à vos cibles !

Notre expertise est forgée par des projets variés et des défis surmontés. Nous travaillons avec des entreprises de toutes tailles, des startups prometteuses aux enseignes multinationales. Chaque projet est une opportunité pour nous de prouver notre engagement envers l’excellence et d’ajouter une référence de plus à notre liste grandissante de clients satisfaits.


Are you a company or local authority interested in supporting us in the development of our education, sports involvement and entrepreneurship programs?

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