Terrattitude is an attitude, an awakening of the senses and awareness to respect all living beings: nature, humans, animals, everything that lives on earth.

The contractor

Daughter and granddaughter of farmers, I've been an executive in a market garden nursery for 10 years, so I'm a real slasher. For the past 2 years, I've also been creating educational and entertaining tools such as books, the Terrattitude app, and committed, explanatory videos.

The project today

Our aim is to make consumers understand that there are multiple solutions for eating better, starting with going to the "small producer", close to home with our app which has been free to download since July 2020. We advocate the short circuit to support and recognize the work of these men and women. It's important for us to also explain from childhood the need to adopt healthy, and sustainable, quality consumption for a better future with our collection of "back to basics" books.

My support

We are looking for the support of the Landestini community. We share the same human, environmental and societal values.


Contact: terrattitude@gmail.com

My news and references

Amandine Toulza, a committed nursery gardener, offers you a toolbox for the consumers of today and tomorrow.

Educational tools for better local and seasonal consumption by reconnecting with your 5 senses:

- articles to help you understand the origins of your diet

- committed reports and speeches

- motion design educational videos

- children's books in the revenir à l'essentiel collection by terrattitude éditions

- hands-on educational workshops

- the sale of diversification plants with mini-pousses, the collab' that makes you grow!

- the terrattitude application for eating "pre" from home, to prove that eating local is easy.