Why become a Landestini volunteer?

Landestini aims to reconnect humans with living beings, the earth and its biodiversity. By volunteering with Landestini, you'll discover inspiring people and projects dedicated to the regeneration of living organis ms and sustainable food for all.
Your skills and talents, combined with Landestini's values, will shine through in a joyful, dynamic and caring community. It will be an opportunity for you to acquire or enrich your knowledge of the environment, biodiversity and health preservation, and to learn and spread permaculture principles,..... In short, it will inspire you to think and act in ways that will help you become an earthy person!

I'd like to volunteer!
group in the forest sun background

A few levers for action

Bringing the permaculture vegetable garden to life
Audiovisual production
Participate in fundraising events
Contribute to information and training initiatives
Gathering data
Help with administrative management
Promote awareness campaigns
Promoting current projects

Testimonials from Landestini volunteers

I've had the opportunity to join a community of committed, caring earthlings who inspire me to return to the land and opt for a more meaningful way of life.

Louis, Website & social network communication


Brown goatPiroque, Dairy production

Contribute to the return to the land.
Join the Landestini adventure!

I'd like to volunteer!

Any comments? Any questions? Camille will answer them!
You can contact her at camille.reyboz@landestini.org