Located in the heart of the Auvergne, in the magnificent Cézallier region, the Centre-Parrot Landestini Cézallier is the ideal accommodation solution for groups of 15 or more .

The Center, with its three buildings located less than 50 meters apart, has a capacity of 80 people. With its shared rooms, it's the ideal place to host summer camps, cultural and sporting events, or a stopover on a mountain hike.

TheParrot-LandestiniCézallier center is located in the Parrot Nature resort in the commune of Anzat-le-Luguet, on a dozen hiking trails.

Just 1h10 from Clermont-Ferrand, or 37 minutes from Massiac, it lies between the two winter sports resorts of Le Lioran in the Cantal and Super-Besse in the Puy-de-Dôme department.

In the heart of unspoilt wilderness, this is the promise, for all group events, a moment of rejuvenation, close to nature, and practical!

The Cézallier, unspoilt nature

Located in Puy-de-Dôme and at the crossroads of three of Auvergne's départements (Cantal, Puy-de-Dôme and Haute-Loire), the Cézallier, sometimes called "La Petite Mongolie Auvergnate" for its resemblance to the Mongolian steppes, is a volcanic plateau at 1300 meters above sea level. Lakes, waterfalls and streams carve out this still wild landscape with its preserved biodiversity - it's not uncommon to come across birds of prey, foxes and other mammals - making it a place a timeless place.

The Parrot-Landestini Cézallier center is located in the commune of Anzat-le-Luguet. At Parrot , a summer/winter ski areaoffers hiking, biking, snowshoeing and tobogganing...
Discover the burons, These small stone farmhouses, covered with lauzes or slates, were once seasonal homes, from May to October, for the shepherds of the Salers cow herds, known as buronniers. The burons no longer serve as homes or cheese-making sites, but are still visible, scattered across the mountains.

The Parrot-Landestini Cézallier Center

The Centre comprises 3 separate buildings, all within a 50-metre radius:

The building includes 45 beds in shared rooms with sanitary facilities, a large professional kitchen with all related equipment, a shared dining room, a library and an activity room.

It can accommodate around twenty people, in bunk beds and shared rooms, and features a functional fireplace, sanitary blocks and a domestic kitchen.

The building features bunk beds in shared rooms for around 15 people, and a basic shared kitchen.

Tarif groupes

➔ Available:

  • Bed linen

  • Heating
  • Bunk beds and 80 cm single beds

  • Sanitary

  • Showers
  • Shared refrigerator
  • Shared coffee maker, kettle and microwave oven

  • Large common rooms

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