A program of the Landestini foundation and the association Terriens d’abord.
The Sustainable Food and Biodiversity Champions is part of the educational program of Landestini. This groundbreaking teaching project strives for the education and championship of French and international students in their learning path for new knowledge and skills on their food system and habits.
The goal is to recreate a link between young people and their eating habits, their health and the environment, while opening up new perspectives and insights through a trailblazing educational program.

Every child has the right to dream, every child has the right to a future.

For this, we must eat well.

The spirit of the program


The students are paired up with students from the same age-group in France.
  • Each month, a video session is set-up so students can exchange and debate around a pre-arranged topic regarding food, agriculture and biodiversity issues.
  • The aim of those sessions is to establish a connection between your students and their French counterparts, as well as spark their curiosity and interest in their food system and habits.
  • Beforehand, Landestinprovides you teachers some tools to set up the meeting and prepare the students.
In order to get ready, we ask them to work on some simple assignments to stimulate interesting conversations between the students and encourage their active participation in the exchanges as well as in their food consumption.
In the remaining time between each monthly session, students are prompted to sustain their connection through different media : either individual exchange of texts, messages or emails, or on our collaborative platforms, where students are challenged with thought-provoking questions and small tasks, most of the time fostering their creativity (drawing, photography, cooking, poems, …).
By the end of the school year, students are expected to have formed friendly bounds with their French peers. In an effort to maintain those relationships, students are invited to join the Championcommunity. Landestinkeeps this community active, through different forms of communication (emails, social networks, meetings, …), events (workshops, unique collaborations, …), as well as mentorship programs, inviting Championalumni to become mentors to the next generations. By including this component on student mentoring, students become long lasting Champions, and benefit from guidance and support from an older generation of students and people with similar interests.

From elementary schools, to hight schools levels


To inspire

Through international exchanges, video sessions and mentorship system

To educate

For food habits, biodiversity, agriculture

To realize

Concrete fun activities and multidisciplinary projects in groups

Examples of student tools

Food game

Discovering their food system and habits

Questionnaires about eating habits

You are a Teacher, a school Advisor interested in our program for your school?

Open to every school in the world. Contact us!

Schools 2019-2020

High school

Dewitt Clinton High School
New-York (USA)

Brooklyn Frontiers
Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Pacific High School (Brooklyn Frontiers High School)
Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Lycée Professionnel Marie-Curie
Clermont-Ferrand (FR)

Lycée George Pompidou-ENILV
Aurillac (FR)

Primary Schools

École publique de Boisset,
Boisset (Haute-Loire)

École Caire Saint-Maximin

École Publique Arc-en-Ciel de Guitard,
le Puy-en-Velay (pour la rentrée 2020)

École privée de Saint-Flory
Le Puy-en-Velay (Pour la rentrée 2020)


Jacques Marcon
Jacques Marcon


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